General Liability


The following scenarios are provided to show the importance of having the proper coverage. All are real claims that have occurred along with the response from the insurance company; the names have either been changed or omitted to maintain anonymity.

If you would like to know more about how these coverages can help protect you and your business, please contact a Swarts, Manning & Associates representative.

Customer Slip and Fall

Coverage: General Liability

Cause of Action: Slip and Fall

Type of Organization: Fine-dining Restaurant

Description of Event: During a wine tasting held in a vintner's underground storage caverns, a customer slipped and fell. He sustained substantial injuries to his head and required several operations.

Resolution: Claim was settled for $450,000

Improper Food Preparation

Coverage: General Liability

Cause of Action: Bodily Injury

Type of Organization: Family Style Restaurant

Description of Event: While eating at a seafood restaurant, a customer suffers cuts to her throat and mouth when she chokes on shell that had not been properly removed.

Resolution: Both the restaurant and the vendor supplying the crab were ordered to pay over $25,000 for medical bills and mental anguish.

Bar Fight

Coverage: General Liability

Cause of Action: Assault and Battery

Type of Organization: Bar

Description of Event: Two patrons of a bar began arguing while inside. The disagreement quickly escalated with the patrons "settling their differences" in the parking lot. One of the customers received a broken arm and a broken jaw from the fight. He sued the bar for "failure to provide adequate security."

Resolution: The bar was forced to pay over $100,000 for the injuries sustained from the fight.

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