Sample Manuals


At Swarts, Manning & Associates, we understand that protecting your business is much more than just simply purchasing insurance to cover claims. It involves setting the correct policies and procedures, examining your premises for potential risks, employee training, disaster planning, and much more.

Instituting such measures can be very overwhelming, which is why we have developed a number tools to assist your business with implementing the proper protective devices.

By putting the aforementioned measures in place, you will not only protect your company from claims, but you will also make your restaurant much more attractive to insurance companies, which will in turn lead to reductions in your premium.

Please take a look at the sample risk management tools provided below. All are available for your company to download and use in its effort to establish a complete risk management plan.

*Please note that the attached guides are samples only. Every business has unique operations, which is why it is vital that you consult with your attorney before implementing any new policy.

Sample Guides:

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