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Did you know that bars and taverns are increasingly being held responsible for the actions of their patrons after they leave the establishment, especially with incidents related to intoxication or assault and battery? Liquor liability litigation continues to grow in both lawsuit frequency and damage amounts. Did you also know that your insurance policy can provide protection for your company in the event of such a claim?  

Bars and Taverns also have some unique risks not found in other parts of the restaurant industry. For example, bars and tavern will often times have dance floors, live entertainment, karaoke, gaming machines, and bouncers.

Properly insuring risks with these types of unique operations requires experience and expertise which is why it is important that you work with an insurance agency that not only specializes in providing the proper coverage, but that also has understands how to save you money on your insurance premiums as well.

Swarts, Manning & Associates has providing insurance to bars and taverns for many years. Our expert staff can help you save up to 37% on your premiums without sacrificing any of the coverages that are so important to properly protect your business.

We also understand that just simply having insurance coverage is not a complete risk management plan to protect your business, which is why we also assist in providing policy and procedure manuals, loss control checklists, and risk management guides all designed to help protect you and your company.

To find out more about how Swarts, Manning & Associates can help protect your company and save you money on your premiums, please fill out our online application or contact us today.

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