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As prices and margins continue to slim within the restaurant industry it is vital to make sure that you have an insurance broker that understands how to both save you money on your premium and provide the coverage you need.

Swarts, Manning & Associates has over 75 years combined experience in providing restaurants with the coverage they need. We know how to tailor programs for all types of insurance, and we can save you up to 37% on your premiums by allowing us to do so.

Our insurance expertise will help protect you from the many unique claims and risks not experienced in any other industry. For example, did you know that infected restaurant employees were identified as the contributing factor in more than 65% of the more than 76 million cases of U.S. foodborne illness outbreaks in restaurants that occur annually? Do you know how your company would respond to an accusation of foodborne illness? What type of protection do you have if the foodborne illness resulted in hospitalization or death?

We also understand that protecting your restaurant involves more than just purchasing insurance; it involves properly trained employees, sound policies and procedures, functioning protective safeguards (i.e. fire alarms and sprinkler systems), and disaster planning.

For this reason we have a variety of resources including sample procedures manuals, loss prevention techniques, and seminars available to you to assist in developing your total risk management plan.

If you would like to see how Swarts, Manning & Associates can provide you with a complete risk management plan while saving you 37% on your premiums, please take the time to fill out our online application and one of representatives will contact you shortly.

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