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As a fine-dining establishment, you specialize in providing your clients with an exceptional menu, outstanding customer service, and an overall memorable experience. How do you know, though, if the restaurant that you have worked so hard to build will be protected properly from litigation, natural disasters, or destruction?

Did you know that over 80% of restaurants will experience some type of claim that will result in a loss to the company? Claims can from just about anywhere now – from slip and fall injuries, foodborne illness, employee injuries, and thefts are just a few of the risks that your restaurant faces.

Fine dining establishments have many risks that are specific to your niche industry and are not found in other types of restaurants. For example, services like valet parking for your clientele or transportation to and from the restaurant can present unique liability risks. A large inventory of vintage wines or specialty foods can also present a challenge in properly insuring your inventory.

Covering the aforementioned risks and the many others risks your restaurant faces while still saving you money on your insurance premiums requires the expertise of a company that specializing in insuring restaurant-related risks, and especially those that are specific to fine-dining establishments.

You should choose your insurance agent for the same reasons your clients select your restaurant: experience, reputation, quality, and knowledge. Swarts, Manning & Associates has the ability to provide the coverages you need and the service you deserve while saving you up to 37% on your insurance premiums.   

In addition to saving you money, our customer service team will focus on your needs to make sure that your company is prepared and protected against potential litigation and claims. We can assist with loss prevention seminars, policies and procedures, risk control studies, and other services to ensure that your restaurant and its employees know how to properly respond to the risks and claims scenarios facing your company.

If you would like to find out more about how Swarts, Manning & Associates can help your restaurant save money on its insurance premiums, please fill out our online application.   It is quick, simple, and the first step to saving 37% on insurance premiums.
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